We provide personal tailored online or direct contact physical therapy, physical rehabilitation, and physical medical fitness services.

These services include: skilled evaluation, consultation, treatment plans, exercise programs, & personal fitness programs.

Our services additionally include customized weight training, fitness training, weight loss, and fitness maintenance, including diet instructions.  

We focus mostly on muscular, skeletal, neurological, cardiac, pulmonary, and vestibular related physical dysfunctions caused by injury, accident, trauma, surgery, immobility, poor posture, and genetics. 

We truly care about your physical health and well-being to enable you live physically healthy and longer with AGE.

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Victor E. Lidaywa, DPT

Your Physical Health Starts Now!

“Surround yourself with physically health fit friends to AGE healthy”  

IMG-20170826-WA0006 (1)Thanks for choosing us to better your overall physical health!

Our goals are to provide you with a good plan, skills, goals, and knowledge base that will transform and empower your physical health. This will enable you accomplish all your objective goals for optimal physical fitness and good health. You can start your transformation NOW by dumping regressive physical habits in exchange of progressive healthy physical habits. Whether you are looking at losing weight, getting physically active, or healing from a physical injury, AGE Fitness & Rehab has your back!

Victor E. Lidaywa, DPT

“Don’t let the sun set while your body physically suffers in silence”


Take control of your physical health and start healing physically NOW. Ask us any physical health question(s) or schedule an online appointment for private consultation.